Two For Tuesdays (Part 1)

In carrying on the timeless tradition (mostly from one of my favorite NYC radio stations TheQ) here is the first of two posts, a twofer if you will. This week’s topic is fonts, especially those that most designers not only despise but openly make fun of. This link has a rundown of the top most fonts that we cringe when we see. Though with every computer I come across and new program I download there they are, waiting with that smug look on their faces saying “Here I am. Use me!” I shudder just thinking about Comic Sans….

Degrees of Coincidence

I am finally putting the finishing touches on this site, and as it comes to “an end” it occurs on the end of another year of….me. My birthday is tomorrow. This was an interesting having to go back and catalog a lot of my work as I look back at another year that has passed, reminiscing on specifics of certain projects, the clients and what I had to go through to complete them.  There is an early episode of Seinfeld that jokes about this. Is it a coincidence? Is it big, small….fun-sized?? Regardless, here is to another post, another website and another year….cheers!

Rabbit, Rabbit

In trying to make an effort to stay focused and keep myself engaged in all things social media, I thought I would share an article I read this morning that although I’m not 100% sure I believe (or even 10%!) but it was really well written and I am going to need all the luck I can get in the next 3-4 months.

Rabbit Rabbit



Breaking the Routine

SketchIt’s rare that I actually take time out for myself artistically. For close to ten years I cannot remember a time where I took a couple of hours and painted, sketched or even updated my website, though I gave it a feeble attempt back in 2013. It’s important even though difficult to do. You get caught up in projects or jobs that take so much of your time, energy and creativity that picking up a sketchbook is completely out of the question. I finally broke out of the rut! With my trusty #2B and 4H pencils in my hand it’s time to, well….make some art….my art.