Two for Tuesdays (Part One: Are you PC?)

Today’s Two for Tuesday Topic (say that 3 times fast!) is everyone’s favorite debate: PC versus Mac. Over 2 billion people worldwide use the internet with about 70% using it everyday and I am willing to bet each person has an opinion on which is the superior machine. It comes down to what you are using it for and let’s face it, whichever you are most comfortable with. Though I do have a favorite between the two we are not here to judge!

The main argument for PC being “better” is of course the price. You can purchase a fairly decent machine for well under $1,000 with many of the basic software already loaded and ready to use. PC also has the most compatibility with software. Some popular programs are only PC based which helps push users to choose them over a Mac, including some standards such as the Microsoft Office collection. There is nothing really comparable to this word processor and continue to dominate as the #1 in all offices and classrooms. (Sorry Office for Mac…maybe next time).

Games. Period. If you are a gamer PC is the way to go, not only because they are all compatible but what makes it top choice of machines is how flexible the hardware is. You want more RAM? No problem. Better graphics card? Easy peasy. Customizing your machine and repairs are usually cheaper because of the modular structure of a PC.

Fun Fact: PC people are 10% more likely than Mac people to snack on something sweet.

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