Two for Tuesday (Part Two: Well would you Raster that?)

The opposite of left is right, up is down and vector is raster. Raster images are all photographic and web based images. Even this post you are reading is a raster…eep! Raster images are made up of a set grid of dots called pixels where each pixel is assigned a color value. (Pixel is a contraction of the words Picture and Element. I just learned that myself!) Unlike a vector image, rasters are resolution dependent. When you change the size of a raster image, you shrink or stretch the pixels themselves which results in a significant loss of clarity and very blurry image. Typically the more pixels an image has the better the quality and that is where the unit of measurement comes into play DPI (Dots Per Inch) and PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Now there is a difference between those two but I just might save that for another Tuesday…

Raster ImageGames_img004

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