I am app-static!

Here I sit, at my kitchen table, writing a post. A post I tell you! I actually was surprised when I saw WordPress had its own app. I’m not sure why, doesn’t everything nowadays? Just when I thought I had to be “tethered” to a silly computer to blog about random things. Oh no, I am mobile now! It’s crazy just how much technology has advanced; growing up I always made sure I had change on me, just in case I needed to make a call on a pay phone. (A what you say?) You know, a phone you actually had to insert money into and if you didn’t know the number of who you needed to call you couldn’t talk to them. Now I’m blogging….on my phone….that didn’t require me to put I. A quarter. (Until my next phone bill I guess). Just trying to keep up with the times. Oooo I should copy this link to my Facebook…

What day is it?

Cars and Cigars


Hi all. It has been a while since I posted. I’ve been consumed with designing a theme for the annual Females About Business Gala. (It’s a James Bond theme: casinos, alcohol and sexy men and women. How can you go wrong?) As I surface for air I realized how much time has actually gone by. The event is this weekend and as we get closer I hope to post some of the layouts, that is if you don’t mind. Programs, signs and floor graphics oh my! I have been putting my compositing skills to the test. These next couple of days are my favorite though. I get to see my designs come to life so to speak. Things always look different once they are printed and I wait with baited breath…not really, I can’t hold my breath very long. Don’t get me wrong I am NOT complaining. My creative juices may need a recharge from that martini up there however. Hmmmmm….