Two for Tuesday (Part One: The Vector of it All)

Today’s Two for Tuesday is hopefully going to explain the difference between vector art and raster art. For more than ten years I’ve been trying to explain it myself but it is hard to get the point across without sounding, well, like an uber nerd. The reason is more technical than just file size, pixel count or that the designer is just being a diva. It depends on what you are ultimately trying to create in the end. Vector images are the most common for logo design, printed materials and also sign graphics which need to be able to be scaled flawlessly from a business card size up to a billboard. Vector images are made up of basic geometric shapes such as points, lines and curves. The relationship of the shapes is expressed as a mathematical equation which allows the image to scale up or down in size without losing quality. So no matter how big I scale this flower it will never lose it’s integrity. Math….so smart!

Vector Image