Two for Tuesdays (Part 2)

To carry on the topic of fonts and those fun typefaces, it dawned on me that maybe not everyone understands not only the concept of all these different fonts, but choosing the right one (I carefully chose the one that you are reading this in), when do you italics, bold and blah blah blah. Weeeellllllll, for those of you who are more visual than others (and the rest who enjoy a good spoof on these silly typefaces) enjoy this video!

Font Conference

Two For Tuesdays (Part 1)

In carrying on the timeless tradition (mostly from one of my favorite NYC radio stations TheQ) here is the first of two posts, a twofer if you will. This week’s topic is fonts, especially those that most designers not only despise but openly make fun of. This link has a rundown of the top most fonts that we cringe when we see. Though with every computer I come across and new program I download there they are, waiting with that smug look on their faces saying “Here I am. Use me!” I shudder just thinking about Comic Sans….